President Message

Dear Students , it gives me immense joy to write this message .I think god for the glorious achievements of R.R.M.K arya mahavidalaya over a long period of time The colege has kept the torch of girl education anlightenes and aloft . thus despelling the darkness of ignorance . whoever desires to acquire knowledge should first commit themselves to the study of virtues and vaues . These two will keep in developing right attitude in pupils towards self .other society and different cultures hence all our efforts should be oriented to form the students to be spiritually , rooted intellectually competent ,psychologically whole ,emotionally balanced, morally sound , growing in friendly and harmonios interpersonal relationship , imbibed withgeep sense of noble values and concern for the less fortunate and ever open to further growth ,
I would pray to the almighty that every child who enters the
portals of our hallowed institutions , is able to discover the treasure within !
With best whishes and abundant blessing

Ramesh Aggarwal